About CBS Capital Advantage

Community National Bank (CNB) is a chartered National Bank regulated by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and, as such, adheres to all the regulations and laws that are expected of all financial institutions. CNB is a $1.2 billion total asset traditional community bank headquartered in Midland, Texas that has been in the account receivable financing business for more than 12 years. Over those 12 years, we have processed over 630,000 invoices for a total of $1.5 billion in aggregate. CBS Capital Advantage is the software brand that is owned by Capital Banking Solutions, Inc. – a wholly owned subsidiary of CNB.

We want to thank you for your interest in our CBS Capital Advantage product. We are excited to offer this world-class solution to financial institutions that look to add diversity to their non-interest income streams with minimal operational overhead and enhanced credit controls. The decision to create a proprietary account receivable financing software was born out of the constant disconnect between a typical software company and the business needs of a regulated financial institution. CNB was consistently experiencing inefficient functionality, the inadequacy of audit and exam-friendly reporting, exorbitant costs and unrealistic terms and conditions regularly found in software company agreements.

In August 2013, CNB accomplished its goal of creating an extraordinary account receivable financing software product. The result is a product that delivers extremely high levels of efficiency and scalability, turnkey documentation (risk assessments, policies and procedures), audit and exam-friendly reporting and a very easy to use web-based solution for you and your customers to access real time data.

Our vision is to become the leading provider of account receivable financing software to financial institutions across the nation. After viewing the demo and meeting with our client services representative, we are confident you will see the material earnings potential, bank-friendly functionality, and cost efficiencies our product offers. We stand by the value our product will bring to your institution and we look forward to a long-standing partnership with your company for many years to come.

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