Benefits for Your Bank

Our Advantage for You

CBS Capital Advantage was designed and developed by bankers with over 12 years experience in account receivable financing. CBS Capital Advantage is an intuitive, self-branded, secure cloud-based solution with direct integration into your core operating system. The program provides a highly functional, low-cost, high-return addition to your bank's current product suite.

Rate of Return

One of the primary benefits from CBS Capital Advantage is the extraordinary high rate of return compared to other loan products your institution may offer. It has been our consistent historical experience to enjoy yields in the 20% range. In other words, every dollar outstanding in the CBS Capital Advantage program yields the same revenue as $4 in conventional C&I balances.

As you know, there are many factors that feed into the return calculation and will depend on your institution's metrics that will ultimately drive your specific rate of return. Contact us today to help calculate your institution's potential rate of return based on your bank's composition.

Safety and Soundness

As any financial institution knows, early detection of problems is the key to minimizing losses. A few unique features that will help your financial institution immediately identify potential issues before it is too late include:

  • Immediate identification of companies that are slow to pay receivables owed to other companies or financial institutions who also use CBS Capital Advantage
  • Full real-time integration with your core provider
  • Automated verification of invoices

CBS Capital Advantage lines are designed to be self-liquidating to the extent possible. To put into other terms, once you decide to quit purchasing invoices, your financial institution will continue to receive payments for all outstanding invoices. The cash flow from these payments plus the reserve deposit requirement will satisfy all the outstanding debt in most cases.

Regulatory Compliance

As a wholly owned subsidiary of a regulated financial institution, Capital Banking Solutions, Inc. (CBS) fully understands the increasing compliance burden being imposed in the current regulatory environment. We set out to not only create the best in class product, but to also provide our customers with a turnkey compliance solution. Once your institution purchases CBS Capital Advantage, CBS will provide you with a series of templates for risk assessments, policies, and procedures. You will receive documentation that details the accounting treatment, auditor opinion letters covering information security and FDICIA controls, contract and loan documentation, and other supplemental documentation. This information will minimize your staff's efforts during implementation and will give your operations and compliance departments peace of mind.

You should still consult with your regulators, auditors, and other necessary third parties to determine the adequacy of due diligence that would complement your financial institution's composition and risk profile.


The Capital Banking Solution team will provide a turnkey implementation with on-site training to your staff and best practices for management and monitoring the program. CBS Capital Advantage is also highly scalable and, as such, provides an increasing rate of return as your portfolio continues to grow.

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