Benefits for Your Bank Customers

Our Advantage for Your Customers

CBS Capital Advantage will allow your customers to access the program anytime – 24/7. Our solution allows bank customers to submit invoices for your review using a number of different software packages (Quicken, Peachtree, Excel, etc.), or they can simply load invoice information directly into the system.


Your customers will appreciate the fact that they can retain their relationship with your institution rather than a "factoring" or third party company unfamiliar with their unique business. Business owners will certainly enjoy the benefits of having immediate access to cash.


The submission and integrated verification processes are designed to protect the business owner, as well as the bank, from potential fraud issues. Your borrower can have some level of comfort knowing you are protecting their interests as well.

Real-Time Information

Your customers will have the ability to access important information as needed, including:

  • A/R Aging Report
  • Active Vendor Lists
  • Transaction History
  • Reserve Analysis Report
  • Trend Analysis Report
  • Customer Activity Report
  • Check Images
  • Unapplied Credits
  • Purchase/Sale Details

On-line, real-time access to invoice purchase and payment information allows for accounting to remain current. Lock-box receipt of payments reduces staffing requirements and your customers will have access to online process manuals.

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